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Active School Week

25th – 29th April, 2016
Active School Week

Ms Fitzgerald’s 6th Class

Today was the final day of Active Week. It began with Flashback Friday, our own unique version of Throw Back Thursday. We danced to Saturday Night and YMCA.

Michelle came in and took us for yoga and taught us about Mindfulness.  We practiced pair yoga and this encouraged us to work together.

Finally we raced against the staff in an obstacle course. Many skills were required including dribbling, balancing and sprinting. There was lots of cheering especially at the end when it looked like it was going to be a dead heat. The teachers tried their best but were no match for the agile, athletic, victorious sixth class.

Ms Ward’s third class – active week

We got to do loads of great activities! We started with athletics. A lady came in to teach us and we did lots of different races. We used a bat to tap the cone at the end of the pitch during the relay races. We also did a hurdle race. It was great fun! We really enjoyed soccer. The coaches were so nice. We played a game where we had to link arms and try to save goals without breaking the link. Then we played a proper match. It was very enjoyable! We did basketball too. First we were split up into two teams and we did dribbling races. We did a game where the first team to get everyone to score wins! It was so much fun! We love active week!

5th classes enjoy croquet during Active Week 2016

On Thursday 28th April 2016, the 5th classes were introduced to the game of croquet with Simon and Anne.

Simon informed us that croquet originated over 200 years ago in Ireland.  He and Anne showed us the equipment used to play the game – a mallet, four balls (blue, red, black and yellow), 6 hoops and a central pole coloured blue, red, black and yellow.   They gave us a brief lesson on the game.  The aim of the game is to hit the ball through the hoops and hit the pole at the end to indicate that you`ve won. You can also hit other people`s balls to get two extra points.

We were split into groups of 6 and practised.  It was a lot harder than we thought it would be, but we still had great fun!  The rain poured down, but we persevered!   Eventually we took shelter and because we enjoyed this new experience, Simon offered to provide some croquet equipment for the school.

Thanks Simon and Anne!

4th Class Ms. McGuinness

Today at basketball, the girls did two quick warm up games which were great fun (it was like playing dribble tag). They were then put into 3 teams, and practiced dribbling the ball in turns on their right and left hands. They also had a race. They each got 3 shots at shooting in the hoop. Even though it started raining, this didn’t dampen the girls spirits. Great fun was had and lots of girls are now considering playing basketball after school :-)

Ms. Kidney’s Senior Infants!

We are really enjoying Active Week! On Monday morning, we kicked off Active Week by walking a mile with a smile! It was a great way to start our day! We had a brilliant soccer lesson with Mick and Robert. Our lesson started with lots of different games, like Pac Man and crabs and fishes and then finished with a soccer match! It was super fun! On Wednesday, we went to a yoga class with a lovely teacher Michelle. We hummed using the bee breath! We did lots of different poses, like aeroplane, frog, dog, whale and crab! Our PE lesson with Ms. Goddard was a bit different than usual as the Senior Infant boys taught us a new dance! They were very good at showing us all the different moves! We also loved all the dances and games that Ms. Fitzgerald’s class have been teaching us throughout the week! So far, Active Week has been brilliant!

Ms. Fitzmaurice Active Week 2016

Today was the first day of Active Week. Some of us did ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ in the morning before school. Then we did ‘Walk a Mile With A Smile’ and some of us even did it twice! We also had a hip-hop dance lesson with Showstoppers which was very enjoyable. We are looking forward to the rest of the week.

6th Class Ms. Daly

On Monday morning at 11:45 our fun-filled day began. We had soccer lessons and we were all really excited about it as the entire class loves soccer. We were introduced to the coaches Mick and Robert. We played team games and learned some new tricks to try in the yard. We all had a great time!

On Tuesday and Wednesday morning Ms. Daly’s 6th class danced our hearts out for Wake Up Shake Up. Groups of us stood up in front of the school and danced as the rest of the school followed our moves. We thought of our dance moves the week before. At 8:30 on the two mornings, the dance groups rolled their arms, clapped their hand and showed off their aerobics moves. The rest of the class did a dance to ‘Uptown Funk’. The 6th class really enjoyed leading the dances.

On Tuesday morning we kicked off the day with a 5k walk around our area. We had lots of fun on the walk and we all felt very refreshed afterwards.

At 12:45 we set off to the GP room ready to get our grove on with Elena, our Bollywood instructor! We were immediately thrown into a new routine . By the end of the class we were exhausted but we had learned an entire dance. Tuesday was jam-packed with activities and it was tons of fun!

On Wednesday our class headed down to the GP room ready for yoga. Michele, our instructor, asked us to get into a circle and to take off our shoes. She was very kind and made us feel very relaxed. We did the cat pose, where we got on our hands and knees while we raised our backs. We did multiple moves and at the end, we put them into one movement. We felt great after her class.

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Active Schools Week

Active Schools Week at St. Pius X Girls’ National School


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